Description: 13” + 10” + 7” wrapped in fondant (Cake topper is not included)

    • Free Choice of Sponge Cake: Vanilla, Chocolate, Coffee, Green Tea and Mango (ask quotation for more flavors)
    • Free Choice of Italian Butter Cream Icing: Vanilla, Chocolate, Coffee, Green Tea, Mango and Lemon (Ask quotation for more flavors)
      Fresh whipped cream, mousses, pudding is not suitable for fondant coated cakes or stuck tiered cakes.
    • Free choices of Coating: Butter cream icing, fondant or chocolate
    • Free choice of fresh flowers. (We would do the best to find and match your favorite flowers in local florist. but we do not guarantee or client provided their own flowers – not affected price)
    • Free Delivery in Richmond, Vancouver and Burnaby ($50+ for West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Surrey, New Westminster, Coquitlam, $100+ for Pitt Meadows, Langley or farther cities)
    • Would you like to add fresh fruit into the cake or switch flavors from each tier?
      We charge $10 per tier of cake. (Choice of Strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries, Mango or Mixed Fruit)
    • Would you like to custom you cake sizes?
      Select the sizes from below and plus décor fee (A$50, B$100, C$150, D$200, E$300, F$400, G$500, H$750, J$1000) to the total.
      Round cakes: 6”$70, 7”$80, 8”$90, 9”$110, 10”$130, 11”$150, 12”$170, 13”$190, 14”$210, 15”$230, 16”$260, 17”$310, 18”$360
    • Square Cakes: 6”²$80, 7”²$90, 8”²$100, 9”²$120, 10”²$140, 11”²$160, 12”²$180, 13”²$200, 14”²$220, 15”²$240, 16”²$270, 17”²$320, 18”²$370

ADDITIONAL NO DÉCOR CAKE FOR BACK UP CUTTING $120 (with fruit filling $150) (16”X24” feeds 100p.p)

Price: $480