zhaoTEAM CANADA PASTRY CHEF MICKEY ZHAO – by Stephanie Yuen from Edible British Columbia September 25th, 2008 While other kids were playing with toys, Mickey was cracking eggs and kneading dough in his Dad’s Chinese bakery. As a youngster, he was more interested in making moon-cakes than leafing comic books.

All these laid the ground work for his becoming a key member of Team Canada and winning major awards in international competitions. Mickey’s passion in creating unique pastries led his way to owning and baking at four Saint Germain Bakery & Patisserie stores in Metro Vancouver. The Denman Street location is possibly the only Asian bakery that makes and sells Macaroons in Canada.

Soon after Mickey landed in Ontario as a new immigrant in 1995, he went to work in a 4-star hotel as an apprentice and received his National Pastry Chef Certificate 3 years later. His resume included a management position in the Pastry Department of Marriott Marquis Hotel in New York. And like they say, the rest is history. Each Saint Germain Bakery is adorned with cute, dainty and captivating mini-pastries amongst individually crafted cakes, authentic European breads and rainbows of pastries. Business has been good even before Mickey becomes the pastry chef for Team Canada, but of course, the Gold Medal around his neck has been drawing customers in from everywhere. Mickey and his team-mates are busy preparing for yet another Culinary Olympic Competition in Germany next month. Go, Canada, Go! Saint Germain locations: Metrotown, Aberdeen Centre, Oakridge Mall, Denman Street.